Coming Spring/Summer 2019! 

Mike Lawson & Friends, Vol. 2 - Some Songs in the Key of Poe
A new album of original material with a new group of friends,
some lyrics adapted to music by Mike from the poems of Edgar Allen Poe
(Including "The Happiest Day, The Happiest Hour," "Alone," The Conqueror Worm")
special releases of collaborations with Vince Welnick and Vassar Clements, 
plus nine more new songs.

Mike Lawson & Friend Vol. 3 - Outtakes and Oddities
Nine never-before released original tracks from Mike's writing demos, underground
recordings, and previously lost works. Instrumentals, lyrical wonders, and touch of hey.

Mike Lawson & Friends Radio!
24/7 Streaming of commercially released material, unreleased live acoustic and
band material, recordings with demos, 
band projects, solo, and studio/live

with Mike's friends including 
Merl Saunders, Jorma Kaukonen,

Vassar Clements, Dennis Robbins, Bob Welch,
Joe Louis Walker, Peter Kaukonen, and many others.

Listen now!

Ticket to Fly - 1998 Sumertone Records Album Release
with Merl Saunders, Jorma Kaukonen, Bob Welch, Fred Bogert & Friends

Gifts from the Dead - 2001 Cedar Glenn Records Album Release with
Merl Saunders, Vassar Clements, Vince Welnick, Fred Bogert & Friends

Von Johin - Von the Revelator - 2010 LocoBop Records Album Release by Mike's alter-ego/avatar 

Why Don't We Do it in the Road? - 2019 Previously unreleased single on Merltone Records
commemorating 20th anniversary of recording featuring Vince Welnick, 
from the upcoming album Mike Lawson & Friends, Vol. 2 - Some Songs in the Key of Poe

Mystery Train - 2019 Previously unreleased single on Merltone Records commemorating the 
1998 Recording Session at RCA Studio B, Nashville, TN
with Vassar Clements, Fred Bogert, Dennis Robbins, Stan Rawls, Mike Lawson,
Jennifer Domingo, Brian Knave, and Chris Munson.
rom the upcoming album Mike Lawson & Friends, Vol. 2 - Some Songs in the Key of Poe

VIDEO! Haight Street Fair with Vince Welnick for Merl Saunders 2002

VIDEO! Haight Street Fair w/Merl Saunders, Vince Welnick & Friends 2001 

FREE MUSIC - Drivin' My Life Away - Eugene Chadbourne and the Ernest Tubb Memorial Tribute Band
featuring Mike Lawson, Brian Knave, and Stephen Ramirez, Amoeba Records In-Store 1998, San Francisco, CA MP3

Home of Hooteroll?
 Mike's Live Tribute Project to Merl Saunders/Jerry Garcia/John Kahn/Bill Vitt/Martin Fiero

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