The Highest Tree

I walk alone to where to she waits for me
Though we say constantly, “this should not be”
Her hair of gold, with eyes as blue as sky
I choose to live a lie, we would deny

To someone else, that we did both betray
Though we are gone astray, we do agree
This can’t go on, but we can’t run away
“Just one more night” is what we always say
This love we share, it isn’t fair, you see
We made a vow to be, another’s faithfully

And then back home, I to my wife confess
I made her life a mess, and broke her heart
My lover stayed, his heart she wouldn’t break
For I am her mistake, and I will start
Out on my own, far from my family
I gave up selfishly, my world apart

I can’t go home, no, I can’t run away
Here with my shame, I long for yesterday
I made a vow to be, another’s faithfully
I hung a rope for me, up in the highest tree

Words and Music by Mike Lawson
Copyright 2022 – Psychotronic Music – BMI

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