The Ballad of Nothing

I put a whole lot of miles between us
And it’s a winding road you’ll never travel down
I’m not a martyr to that same old used to be
And I ain’t ever gonna wear your thorny crown

I remember it well like it was yesterday
Though the days are long passed and the years fade away

This is your ballad of nothing
It’s nothing personal
I just had nothing to do
Nothing to speak of, nothing is missing
But your know nothing is sacred when you got nothing to lose

I must admit it was a lovely invocation
But the price of admission was more than twice the cost
Don’t bother trying to send me no invitation
You know I’ll just return it to sender, or say that it got lost

Ain’t no turning back, I won’t look behind
I’m gonna leave this old world with a satisfied mind

This is your ballad of nothing
Nothing to write home about
Nothing but pain
Nothing to speak of, thanks for nothing
You got nothing to venture, I got nothing to gain

I forgot to remember what you look like I don’t even know your name
How could you possibly think that I would play your game?

So now I sing you a ballad of nothing
‘Cuz nothing is further from my mind
Nothing new under the sun, all or nothing
It’s nothing to laugh about
You’ve been nothing but kind

I wrote a ballad for nothing
Nothing left to live for, but nothing to die for, too
Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
Nothing left to talk about with me and you

Words and Music by Mike Lawson
© 2021 Psychotronic Music – BMI

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