Your Life or My Money

I said to the doctor is my fever too high
I gotta make money, man, I ain’t gonna die
He said it’s contagious, I don’t know what to say
But I think it’s outrageous that I can’t get no pay
He told me to stay home but it’s causing me strife
Time to make a decision for my money or your life

I went to the grocery to get me a supply
They was out of everything, and I won’t tell no lie
The place had been raided by the neighbors next door
And the one next to them who don’t live here no more
And I’m low on provisions, for my children and wife
Time to make a decision, for my money or your life

I saw people protesting, wearing guns on their chest
They said it’s conspiracy, the guns say it the best
Screaming and spitting, at the nurses, and cops
Flying flags of treason, I don’t know how this stops
Called themselves patriots, marching drums with a fife
Only thing that’s for certain its their money or your life

All the stores have been shut down, and the cafe and bar
But I’m still getting offers to go buy a new car
But the shelves are all empty, got no job out of luck
If I can’t buy no paper, I don’t need a new truck
Now I don’t care who is hurting, when the sickness is rife
Ain’t but one thing for certain, its my money or your life

I ain’t bowing to no one, wearing masks I’ll refrain
This ain’t even about you, now it causes me pain
One hundred thousand, even more may still die
I don’t care to believe it, its a media lie
Don’t you know I will cut you, carve you up with a knife
If you stand in between me and my money or your life

Tried to look to our leaders, all the presidents men
Ain’t got trust in no science, they donated to him
They said time to reopen, time to go back to work
Be a warrior for freedom, heard him say with a smirk
And I’m sorry to tell you, that I’ll think that it’s funny
If I cause you your death, it’s your life or my money

Words and Music by Mike Lawson
© 2020 Psychotronic Music – BMI

From the album “More Wonders of the Visible World”
More Wonders Album

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