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So Far from Now…

Another single from a new album I am working on, pre-released on bandcamp… co-written from lyrical ideas sent by my first drummer from my teen years, Michael Knapp, who I am grateful to finally collaborate with again after 40+ years. The group of friends on this welcomes the addition of my old friend Bob Bralove on piano. Mike Lawson – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Emily Lynn – Backing Vocals, Melisa Dopazo – Bass, Bob Bralove – Piano, Phil Keaggy – Electric Guitar, Joe Montague – Drums/Percussion

Listen to “So Far from Now”

Words by Lawson/Knapp
Music by Mike Lawson
© 2023 Psychotronic Music – BMI 
Recording ℗ 2023 artistpro LLC
All Rights Reserved

Right Place, Wrong Time…

I retreated back into the studio today long enough to finish this up and release Dr. John’s Right Place, Wrong Time, a little early as a single.

It is only on Bandcamp until the album comes out this summer, and there you can listen for free or throw me a buck if you’re feeling it. I’m about halfway through the next album project, it’s gonna be a scorcher!

April 2023 is the 50th anniversary of Dr John’s Right Place, Wrong Time… and I always wanted to cover it. This group of friends includes this smoking brass/wind section from Atlanta, Terminus Horns, Emily Lynn (London, UK) on backing vocals, Philip Madeira (Nashville, TN) on piano, I’m playing funky clav, Hammond M3, bass, guitar, and vocals, Phil Keaggy (Nashville, TN) on lead guitar, and my favorite drummer, Joe Montague (Leeds, UK) on drums and percussion again.

With friends like these… you bring the boogie, y’all. This one is extra mos’scocious, so go get your groove on and let me know what you think.

So Far from Now…

Coming soon… I am in the middle of another new album, with some more fun stuff and guests, old friends and new. I have some more new music and favorite songs I had always wanted to cover. That is a massive list, and it seems a good strategy to get found in searches of music sites, YouTube, Google, et cetera. 

The new album is called “So Far from Now,” the title track of a new song I recently co-wrote with an old friend from my first band in high school. I also covered the illustrous Dr John’s “Right Place, Wrong Time” to celebrate its 50th anniversary in April, 2023. I have always been a big Dr. John fan, and he was also one of the last people to go see Merl Saunders in the hospital just before he passed in 2008. There will be other fun stuff on the album, and I look forward to sharing more soon. 

I Got a Reprobate Mind Video Preview

A preview link to the currently unlisted video for “I Got a Reprobate Mind,” from last year’s album 3200 W 22nd Court, features Mark Pfaff on mouth harp, Denise Stewart Bates on backing vocals, Joe Montague on drums, Phil Madeira on Hammond, and I’m singing, and playing guitar and bass. See it now before it goes live…

The Highest Tree – Sneak Peak

Releasing on YouTube Dec 1, 2022. Written and recorded a few years ago, I finally put some effort into finishing this “suicide ballad” story and video:

Noah Wall – Vocals, Fiddle
Mike Lawson – Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Richard Jasper – Bagpipes
Alex Sturbaum – Bodhran
Brian Knave – Drums

I’m in the money…

Well, lookie here, man… my YouTube channel finally has had enough viewing time and subscribers to be “monetized” so please run on over, click subscribe and let some videos play through, ya hear? I could earn tens of dollars! Thanks!

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