Incoherent Rambling

Bye-Bye, Spotify

I have requested that all 21 albums/singles be removed from Spotify. They already pay an abysmal rate for plays, so I never promoted my music there. Then they made an announcement where they plan to pay even less. My leaving won’t hurt them, or me, and I will feel better about not being part of that service. My music is still available everywhere else. If people are going to listen without me getting paid, I would rather they just go listen for free on BandCamp.

Right Place, Wrong Time…

I retreated back into the studio today long enough to finish this up and release Dr. John’s Right Place, Wrong Time, a little early as a single.

It is only on Bandcamp until the album comes out this summer, and there you can listen for free or throw me a buck if you’re feeling it. I’m about halfway through the next album project, it’s gonna be a scorcher!

April 2023 is the 50th anniversary of Dr John’s Right Place, Wrong Time… and I always wanted to cover it. This group of friends includes this smoking brass/wind section from Atlanta, Terminus Horns, Emily Lynn (London, UK) on backing vocals, Philip Madeira (Nashville, TN) on piano, I’m playing funky clav, Hammond M3, bass, guitar, and vocals, Phil Keaggy (Nashville, TN) on lead guitar, and my favorite drummer, Joe Montague (Leeds, UK) on drums and percussion again.

With friends like these… you bring the boogie, y’all. This one is extra mos’scocious, so go get your groove on and let me know what you think.

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