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I Got a Reprobate Mind Video Preview

A preview link to the currently unlisted video for “I Got a Reprobate Mind,” from last year’s album 3200 W 22nd Court, features Mark Pfaff on mouth harp, Denise Stewart Bates on backing vocals, Joe Montague on drums, Phil Madeira on Hammond, and I’m singing, and playing guitar and bass. See it now before it goes live…

The Highest Tree – Sneak Peak

Releasing on YouTube Dec 1, 2022. Written and recorded a few years ago, I finally put some effort into finishing this “suicide ballad” story and video:

Noah Wall – Vocals, Fiddle
Mike Lawson – Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Richard Jasper – Bagpipes
Alex Sturbaum – Bodhran
Brian Knave – Drums

I’m in the money…

Well, lookie here, man… my YouTube channel finally has had enough viewing time and subscribers to be “monetized” so please run on over, click subscribe and let some videos play through, ya hear? I could earn tens of dollars! Thanks!

To Stay Today

It is a song I probably would not have written, except Keaggy was showing me a cool Hofner bass has was considering parting with, and I had to take home, and I did. And that night, I wrote this, the next day it was in Leeds, UK for Joe to track drums to, then off to Phil and Tyra. I’m pretty pleased with it, and I hope you are. too.

Ride the Mighty High

The 1975 crossover RnB/Gospel/Disco hit by Mighty Clouds of Joy as reimagined by Mike Lawson and Friends featuring: Joe Montague – Drums/Percussion Denise Stewart Bates – Backing Vocals Mike Lawson – Guitar, Bass, Vocals Scott Guberman – Hammond organ Phil Keaggy – Guitar – now a video to stare at while you boogie in your seat…

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