So Far from Now…

Coming soon… I am in the middle of another new album, with some more fun stuff and guests, old friends and new. I have some more new music and favorite songs I had always wanted to cover. That is a massive list, and it seems a good strategy to get found in searches of music sites, YouTube, Google, et cetera. 

The new album is called “So Far from Now,” the title track of a new song I recently co-wrote with an old friend from my first band in high school. I also covered the illustrous Dr John’s “Right Place, Wrong Time” to celebrate its 50th anniversary in April, 2023. I have always been a big Dr. John fan, and he was also one of the last people to go see Merl Saunders in the hospital just before he passed in 2008. There will be other fun stuff on the album, and I look forward to sharing more soon. 

Author: Mike Lawson

Songwriter/musician Mike Lawson grew up in Florida and spent his formative years playing music on the beach and at colleges throughout the south before moving to Nashville and recording his first album, release in 1998, with Merl Saunders, Jorma Kaukonen, Bob Welch, Dennis Robbins, Joe Louis Walker, and others.

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