There Ain’t Nobody Safer Than Someone Who Doesn’t Care

I’m at a grand age now where there is no delusional seeking of fame, no stars in my eyes, no real care in the world about whether or not the music I make sells, or doesn’t sell, or if people like it, or don’t. Well, of course I “would” rather it did and they do, but it is very freeing to be at a place where I’m not bothered. I’m making records again because I can. I am making music because it’s just what I love to do. The glory days of the music industry are long gone, as is my youth! However, now I have time, experience, and toys to play with, so it’s all good. This is the fourth new album since 2020. Why stop? 

Is everything here the best I’ve ever done? No, I hope not, but it is the best that I did at that moment in time.

I went ahead and put together a BandCamp page, though I have only added the last four albums from 2020 through now to it so far. It is all manual work and time consuming, since it isn’t fed by a distribution service like the other places you can stream and buy music. You can buy all four at once for only $21, or more if you like, but $21 minimum lets you own them all.

They pay out the lion’s share of an album sold there to the musicians, so that’s nice for those who want to actually buy downloads and show musicians a little more support on the backend. Streaming pays very little, but it is nice to get the little, a few times a year. I am happy however you chose to listen, buying or streaming, so do what you can, it’s all good.

I have the new album “Mike Lawson and Friends Lay It All Down” up there ahead of the official release date to the services, where you can go listen now for free, buy it if you want to, or don’t. That’s OK, too. We all do what we can do, right?

Author: Mike Lawson

Songwriter/musician Mike Lawson grew up in Florida and spent his formative years playing music on the beach and at colleges throughout the south before moving to Nashville and recording his first album, release in 1998, with Merl Saunders, Jorma Kaukonen, Bob Welch, Dennis Robbins, Jack Casady, and others.

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