Ever Trust a Prankster? Compact Disc


“Ever Trust a Prankster?” on Compact Disc

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Released Halloween 2023!
Mike Lawson and Friends with Bob Bralove, Ojo Taylor, Andrea Perry, Rich Mahan, Tyra Juliette, The Terminus Horns, Philip Madeira, Patricio Böttcher, Andres Ollari, Melisa Dopazo, Steve Burdette, Mohammad Jamal Rjoub, Isaac Lawson, Phil Keaggy, Denise Stewart-Bates, Gary Talley, Emily Lynn, Brian Knave, Noah Wall, Richard Jasper, Scott Guberman, Alex Sturbaum, Pete Sears, Joe Montague, and Michael Webb

Right Place, Wrong Time 03:25
So Far from Now 03:41
Soul Deep 02:58
Ain’t Nothing New 04:08
Find Your Own You 03:16
I’m Only Sleeping 03:00
A Satisfied Mind 04:18
When the Sun Goes Down 03:36
The Highest Tree 04:13
One Kind Favor 07:25