Next Time You See Me

This is a classic song made famous by Little Jr. Parker in the 1950s.

The annual “Dead Covers Project” on YouTube, was in full swing in tribute to Europe ’72’s 50th anniversary, and Keaggy and I had been talking about blues songs, and Mike Bloomfield in particular. This was on a second volume album released from that tour, and a staple of Pigpen’s repertoire back then. It’s also just one of my favorite blues songs.

I put down my guitar parts, and played bass, sang, then sent it to Joe, got some drums, sent it to Scott Guberman who plays piano and Hammond organ on it, then it was off to Phil “Bloomfield Hand” Keaggy, and finally, Denise Stewart Bates, who can always be counted on to bring the boogie.

A dancing skeleton video was put together, which quickly became one of the top viewed for the DCP this year, before taking off to over 25k views.

Mike Lawson – Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Denise S Bates – Backing Vocals
Phil Keaggy – Lead Guitar
Scott Guberman – Hammond Organ/Piano
Joe Montague – Drums/Percussion

Author: Mike Lawson

Songwriter/musician Mike Lawson grew up in Florida and spent his formative years playing music on the beach and at colleges throughout the south before moving to Nashville and recording his first album, release in 1998, with Merl Saunders, Jorma Kaukonen, Bob Welch, Dennis Robbins, Jack Casady, and others.

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