What a Wonderful World

Kathy sent me a piano track of her playing this, and it made me want to expand on it, bring in some friends, and record a song I have always wanted to do. Thanks, Kathy.

Featuring Friends: Kathy Mayer (Piano – USA), Joe Montague (Drums – UK), Melisa Dopazo (Upright Bass – Argentina), Donota Greco (Flute – Italy), Mike Lawson (Vocals/Guitar – USA)

Author: Mike Lawson

Songwriter/musician Mike Lawson grew up in Florida and spent his formative years playing music on the beach and at colleges throughout the south before moving to Nashville and recording his first album, release in 1998, with Merl Saunders, Jorma Kaukonen, Bob Welch, Dennis Robbins, Jack Casady, and others.

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